Do read this section with extreme care.

What you need to know about me:

I am a Domina.
I love to dominate and I only deal with persons who totally submit themselves to my Superiority.
I join no parties.
I do not deal with couples and women.
I only want male worms at my feet.
I do not team up with other mistresses or masters.
I do not consider the possibility of reversing roles.
You must not ask me to come to your place. This is never going to happen. You will be allowed to meet me only in the places I will set.
I do not hold virtual sessions, by any means.

The easiest way to meet me is to arrange for an appointment when I am on tour.
You can get updates about my tours by checking the dedicated section of this website.
After the end of any tour, I turn my mobile off. I will not turn my mobile on until the next tour. It will hence be extremely difficult to contact me by phone until then.

I compel your deference. I ignore any person who is unable to respect this simple, basic rule.
If you are looking for humiliation and for a vast array of treatments aimed at causing you pain, you have come to the right place.
I will make you suffer, and you will love me for this.

What do I love most?
YOUR blood.