Welcome to my realm, slave!

Whatever experience you have made so far, you will forget it.

I am the only Mistress you will want to serve to eternity.

The only Mistress you will give your soul to.

Fantasies? You will not need them anymore.
The reality I will give you will be better than imagination.

Your life will get a meaning only in the very moment when you will succeed in coming into my good graces.

But being taken under my wing is a fortune reserved to few.

Only slaves and submissive ones who are fully conscious of their role can be at my feet.

I need very few elements to understand who deserves to meet me, and who does not. A proper introduction is essential for you not to be rejected at once. I give no second chances, and I am not going to deal with all and sundry.

I set the rules of the game: you are just a pawn in my hands.

You will do for me things you have never imagined you would be doing.

You will discover that perfection does exist: it's me.

You will push yourself beyond your limits, and you will push yourself further and further, just to please me.

You will only desire to be in my hands.

To be mine.


Without a way out.

Without wanting a way out.